spray1 S3 [spreı] v
1.) [T]
to force liquid out of a container so that it comes out in a stream of very small drops and covers an area
→↑squirt spray sb/sth with sth
She sprayed herself with perfume.
spray sth on/onto/over sth
Someone had sprayed blue paint over his car.
Vandals had sprayed graffiti on the walls.
spray crops/plants etc
(=cover them with liquid to protect them from insects or disease)
The fruit is sprayed every four weeks.
2.) [I always + adverb/preposition]
if liquids or small bits spray somewhere, they are quickly scattered through the air
spray from
Champagne sprayed from the bottle.
3.) spray sb/sth with bullets
to shoot a lot of bullets towards a person or place very quickly
Gunmen sprayed the crowd with bullets.
spray 2
spray2 n
1¦(liquid from a container)¦
3¦(moving liquid)¦
6 a spray of bullets/gravel etc
[Sense: 1-3, 6; Date: 1500-1600; Origin: Perhaps from Middle Dutch sprayen 'to scatter small drops of liquid']
[Sense: 4-5; Date: 1200-1300; Origin: Perhaps from an unrecorded Old English sprAg]
liquid which is forced out of a special container in a stream of very small drops
a new hair styling spray
Most farmers use pesticide sprays.
a container which forces liquid out in a stream of small drops
Mary took a perfume spray from her handbag.
a) [U]
water in very small drops that is blown from the sea etc or sent up by vehicles on a wet road
spray from the waves
My face was stinging from the salt spray.
liquid that comes quickly from somewhere in very small drops
spray of
A spray of blood came from his mouth.
4.) ¦(BRANCH)¦
a small branch or stem with leaves or flowers on it, used for decoration
= ↑sprig spray of
a spray of holly
5.) ¦(FLOWERS)¦
an attractive arrangement of flowers or leaves
spray of
a spray of violets and primroses
6.) a spray of bullets/gravel etc
a lot of bullets or very small objects moving quickly through the air

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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